RWOP Basics

Retired Without a Pensiion is a blog about creating a lifestyle choice based on managing cashflow, creating a personal safety net and managing the different phases of retirement and can be described in the following steps:

  1. Attitude and lifestyle: creating a creative/entrepreneurial lifestyle based on joy and balance and appreciating the opportunity that retirement provides.
  2. Understanding your Magic Number: creating financial scenarios that allow you be self-sufficient and identify your daily budget requirement.
  3. Managing cash flow: access/create income streams that meet your daily budget requirement. Identifying any gaps between your income and daily budget requirement.
  4. Closing the gap: looking at innovative and creative ways to close any financial gaps that you may have; from working part-time, to creating a side hustle or online business.  This is where lifestyle meets income - if making money is play, you will never work another day in your life. It's all about leveraging what excites you.
  5. Creating a safety net that meets the needs of unexpected lifestyle needs like medical care, supported living or long term care.
  6. Creating Safe Harbour - the basics of an estate plan that protects you and your loved ones.
Over the next few weeks we will be exploring these topics in more detail and fleshing them out. 

Feel free to join the conversation; we are on Facebook at Retired Without a Pension and on Flipboard at Retired Without a Pension you will find additional articles and items of interest.

Come back and visit soon. 


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