Life as a Work of Art

In my deep dark past, I am a classically trained oboist. My BFA was completed as a music major, but York University insisted that I take a certain number of courses outside of music, but inside the Fine Arts faculty.  I chose several art history courses and thoroughly enjoyed them.  My Mother was a artisan weaver and in her retirement took up watercolour painting.  Several years ago, I decided to take up watercolour as well and over time gravitated to the area of Botanical Art.  I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in an extension course offered by the University of Cornell.  It was a wonderful experience and I had the opportunity of meeting some incredible students who became very accomplished botanical artists.

One of the differences between being a musician and a botanical artist is signing your work.  When an artist signs their work, they are effectively saying; "this piece is done" and release it to the world.  One day it occurred to me that it would be a wonderful thing if I could feel so good about my life that I could sign my name to my creation.

One of the options we have in retirement is to let go of the attachments of the past; our fears, our "woulda, shoulda, couldas", and create a life that is our work of art. Retirement is an incredible opportunity to create a life that is a "work of art" that truly reflects who we are and our dreams and aspirations.  This is an opportunity to express ourselves without any risk to our career, reputation or family. This work of art is not meant for anyone else - but is a statement to the world about what we have learned in life, what is important to us and the message we want to share with the world.  If anyone else picks up on it - great.  If no one picks up on it, that is OK too!  After all this is our art. Our life. Our signature.

[I recently came back from visiting my parents who are in their late 90's. One of the residents in the complex just had a book accepted for publishing. This is a woman in her 80's!  Live does not end in retirement - it gives us new opportunities to shine.]

If you could express your life as a work of art - what would you be willing to put your signature on?  What does your artwork look like?  What is stopping you from creating your work of art?

Feel free to comment below on what your work of art might look like.  What is your next step to create that work of art? Now is your time.

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