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Life as a Work of Art

In my deep dark past, I am a classically trained oboist. My BFA was completed as a music major, but York University insisted that I take a certain number of courses outside of music, but inside the Fine Arts faculty.  I chose several art history courses and thoroughly enjoyed them.  My Mother was a artisan weaver and in her retirement took up watercolour painting.  Several years ago, I decided to take up watercolour as well and over time gravitated to the area of Botanical Art.  I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in an extension course offered by the University of Cornell.  It was a wonderful experience and I had the opportunity of meeting some incredible students who became very accomplished botanical artists. One of the differences between being a musician and a botanical artist is signing your work.  When an artist signs their work, they are effectively saying; "this piece is done" and release it to the world.  One day it occurred to me that it would be a wonderful thi

Interesting link: Investing in Your 70s

A colleague of mine writes for Tangerine in Canada with a strong interest in retirement finance issues.  They kindly sent me a link to a great article from Morning Star on Investing in Your 70s.  What I like about this article is that it looks at some creative options for creating income and maintaining cash flow for ongoing retirement funding. You can find the article here . Feel free to comment on what you see and feel free to suggest other links that might be interesting. You can find further resources on the RWOP Flipboard news here . Enjoy your day - more interesting links to come in the near future. __________________________________ For more information on Retired Without a Pension join in the discussion on Facebook , or check out the RWOP Magazine on Flipboard .