Dealing with Retirement Challenges

It has been a few weeks since I could sit down and write a post that I felt could be of value. It has been a challenging time.  Several months ago my Mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and is in palliative care.  Her cancer is growing and is making her more tired.  Her attitude is amazing and she is living with cancer, not dying with cancer - but week by week the cancer is growing and affecting her in new ways.  It has been an emotional experience for our entire family.

Dealing with that was one complication, then my Father was admitted to hospital with a stroke that has affected his eating and mobility.  He is now facing long term care and rehabilitation. Both situations, combined with day to day living, travel to visit them etc. has taken an emotional and physical toll.

Semi-retirement and retirement have their emotional ups and downs. Retirement brings new challenges to face. As I age, my ability to bounce back physically and emotionally is not as agile or flexible. It takes longer to get back to my normal self.  I get that, but that doesn't make it easier.

My solution is to be nice to myself.  I buy a nicer coffee in the morning at work.  I take time to listen to good music that makes me feel good.  (Mozart always does it for me!)  I take time to walk during the day and take the dog for more frequent outings.  The dog needs it as much as me.  I am looking after what I am eating and my weight is in good shape.  I am getting a good night's sleep. In short, I am trying to do the things that I need to do physically to look after myself.

I am also looking after my relationships and being extra caring with those as well.  They are the source of feeling community and connection.  Seeing how caring my parents are for each other reminds me how important it is to look after each other.  Arguments and conflict are not on the agenda.  Caring and compassion are the focal point. Striving for an attitude of gratitude!

At this time in our lives we need to look after those closest to us and those who bring the most to our life. Most importantly we need to be patient and look after ourselves.  Letting go of that little inner voice and enjoy the beauty around us. Take a few moments today and be good to yourself.


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