Welcome to Retired Without a Pension

Our purpose here is to share ideas, approaches and content to help individuals live a a sustainable and enjoyable retirement without a pension, large savings or accumulated assets.  There is a way to do this and this blog is designed to explore options for living comfortably, enjoyably and sustainably.

There are many of us for whom, life happened along the way and the ability to save that nest egg for retirement just never happened. My name is Francis Loughheed, founder of Retired Without a Pension.  For the last 30+ years I have been self-employed as a consultant, freelancer and independent.  Make no mistake, I have enjoyed doing really interesting projects and have been financially self sufficient. But, a divorce, kids through college, a financial crash all contributed to needing resources and depleting savings at inopportune times.  The result is that, now in my early mid-60's I am looking to retire without the large savings that the financial planners tell me that I need to have.

I worked in the financial planning business for three years and was a licensed life insurance advisor.  I can tell you that the marketing message of financial services companies is designed to get your fees and make a profit for them.  As I have looked at my retirement options, I came to the conclusion that there was an alternative that worked better for me.  This blog is all about exploring retirement options and alternatives for individuals like me, and like you, that want like to retire on our own terms.

What you can expect;

  • focus on self sufficiency and taking personal responsibility
  • actions that you can take today to promote a healthy and enjoyable retirement
  • a focus on lifestyle that you design for yourself
  • a financial structure based on your own entrepreneurial ability
  • a focus on simplicity and being more - not having more
  • having fun - making the last lap your best lap
That's it for this post.  More to come in the weeks and months ahead.  I look forward to the journey.

Feel free to email us with your comments and post on our wall in Facebook.  Welcome to the community.


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