It has been said that success is 90% attitude and 10% activity.  As I travel down this path of being Retired Without a Pension, it has been a challenge to my attitudes, assumptions and expectations. I have come to the realization that the key to living this lifestyle is my attitude. If I get my attitude in order, then I can take action that takes me down the path of retirement with joy, positive expectations and the thrill of adventure.

Life is a choice.  Choices made yesterday give us the life we have today. Choices made today give us the life we hope for in the future. We get to choose to let go of yesterday and create a new tomorrow.

We live in a culture, especially in North America, which promotes being a victim.  Yes, bad things happen to all of us in life.  If you listen to the messages around us, these bed things happen because of others and we are the victim of their actions.  We need to make Them, whomever Them is, pay. We sue insurance companies, governments, corporations, anyone who we think can pay for the "badness" in our lives. We beat up on bosses, management, neighbours, relatives because they need to pay for what they have done to us. Please do not get me wrong, when injustice happens and laws get broken, then taking appropriate action is necessary.  My focus here is on our more personal lives. How often to we get trapped into a cycle of negativity in our personal lives? Negativity is easy. but it is a trap.

I believe that there is another way, a better, more positive approach to life.  Yes, bad things happen to good people.  People like you and I.  But good people are able to examine the events in their lives and see it for what it is and using their creativity and imagination, take action that moves them into more positive spaces.  Philosophers, psychologists, religious leaders have all said over and over again, that it isn't what happens to us that is the issue, it is how we think about it that causes us problems. The classical Stoics say that the same challenge can affect two people in the same way and one will thrive, the other will suffer.  The difference is in the way they think about it.

Yes, I am facing retirement without the savings I wish I had.  That is the reality.  I can choose to get angry and upset at the circumstances that caused that in my past, or decide that this is an opportunity for me to live creatively and enjoy the adventure. This blog is about enjoying the adventure. This blog is about looking at different ways of approaching life and managing this reality.  Not as a victim, but as an opportunity.

Retirement is a time to create a place for being the best selves we can be! We can put aside the "woulda,shoulda, coulda's" and explore the chance of being everything we were destined to be. We live in a world of incredible opportunity.  We have information, culture and education at our finger tips.  Literally!  We can start a business with a click of a mouse. We can talk and interact with experts anywhere in the world.  We can link up with creatives anywhere, at any time of day.  Literally, the entire world is available to us.  If you can access a cell phone, a library computer, an internet cafe, a community wi-fi link, you can be anywhere, be anyone instantly.

Now is the time to choose.  What do you want to be, now that you are all grown up?

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!


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