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Who is the crazy person writing this blog?  Well, my name is Francis Loughheed and I live in a small city in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  As my profile says, I have an education in Classical Music and have done a lot of work as a consultant.  I am in my early mid-60's and after a 30 year career as an entrepreneur, free lancer and independent creative, I am facing retirement without a large pension.

I have known this has been coming, and have been working on my strategy to manage this situation for several years.  This blog is about my story, the tools I have found to be useful, books that inspire me, and art that moves me.

My approach can be summed up by a quote from one of my favourite bloggers, Seth Godin who once wrote:

The key to life is: 
to be happy where you are, 
with whatever you've got, 
but always hungry for the thrill of creating art, 
of being missed if you're gone and most of all: 
doing important work. 

My personal philosophy is that at this point in our life, we no longer have to prove ourselves to anybody.  I want to be more, not have more.  That our friendships, our families and our art are more important than ever before.  The approach here is based on lifestyle first, and then resourcing that lifestyle so that we can live the best time of our lives. 

I have been through divorce, creditor arrangements to clear debt, financial hardships due to a lack of contracts and work.  I have lived the challenges of being an independent creative.  I have always been self sufficient and my goal is to live a retirement that is self sufficient as well.  I think we have been brainwashed by the financial services industry to think that retirement is only one flavour.  I think that retirement is a time in our lives where we can break the stereotypes and find the freedom we have always longed for.  We may not be rich in monetary terms, but we experience an abundance of love and creative focus.  I would rather go out knowing that I gave it my all to the end, than give up and let circumstances dictate my life.  

Thank you for reading this blog.  Let me know what touches you.  Let me know what you disagree with.  Feel free to join in the conversation.  Next!!


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