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Retirement Myths

I like watching golf on both the Golf Channel and the main networks over the weekends.   Last weekend’s Masters and Tiger’s win was an inspiring demonstration of perseverance. Financial planners seem to love advertising on such shows – and why not – older men are a key target market for them.   The ads always show happy smiling couples busy enjoying their leisure time. The myth being promoted is that at some time in your future, if you invest with us, you will have enough money to have total time freedom with income to allow you to do all the wonderful things you have dreamed of; travelling, recreation, freedom from going to work.   But it is a myth being perpetrated to get you to invest your money, so that they can make money on your fees.   There are three other myths portrayed on these commercials; earning stops – you live off your assets and pensions; investments stop – you have to be fully funded when you retire; and life becomes a continuous vacation.   Let’s look at realit

National Retirement Planning Week

Who knew?  There is now an entire week devoted to promoting Retirement Planning.  It runs from April 8 - 12, 2019.  This is a perfect time to think about what a retirement approach really needs to look like. Over the next few weeks I will be outlining a process that I am working with to enhance a self-sufficient retirement.  Feel free to check back frequently.  The result will be a retirement planning workbook based on the ideas presented here.  It is going to be an exciting couple of months. The following comes from the Insured Retirement Institute in the United States and has a particular lens on retirement, this provides a good overview of the situation many Boomers face.  While I live in Canada and don't have some of the same health coverage questions, the need for long term care, a planned approach and other supports is still valid. For more information on Retired Without a Pension join in the discussion on Facebook , or check out the RWOP Magazine on Flipboard . ______


It has been said that success is 90% attitude and 10% activity.  As I travel down this path of being Retired Without a Pension, it has been a challenge to my attitudes, assumptions and expectations. I have come to the realization that the key to living this lifestyle is my attitude. If I get my attitude in order, then I can take action that takes me down the path of retirement with joy, positive expectations and the thrill of adventure. Life is a choice.  Choices made yesterday give us the life we have today. Choices made today give us the life we hope for in the future. We get to choose to let go of yesterday and create a new tomorrow. We live in a culture, especially in North America, which promotes being a victim.  Yes, bad things happen to all of us in life.  If you listen to the messages around us, these bed things happen because of others and we are the victim of their actions.  We need to make Them, whomever Them is, pay. We sue insurance companies, governments, corporations

About Me

Who is the crazy person writing this blog?  Well, my name is Francis Loughheed and I live in a small city in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  As my profile says, I have an education in Classical Music and have done a lot of work as a consultant.  I am in my early mid-60's and after a 30 year career as an entrepreneur, free lancer and independent creative, I am facing retirement without a large pension. I have known this has been coming, and have been working on my strategy to manage this situation for several years.  This blog is about my story, the tools I have found to be useful, books that inspire me, and art that moves me. My approach can be summed up by a quote from one of my favourite bloggers, Seth Godin who once wrote: The key to life is:  to be happy where you are,  with whatever you've got,  but always hungry for the thrill of creating art,  of being missed if you're gone and most of all:  doing important work.  My personal philosophy is that at this


Welcome to Retired Without a Pension Our purpose here is to share ideas, approaches and content to help individuals live a a sustainable and enjoyable retirement without a pension, large savings or accumulated assets.  There is a way to do this and this blog is designed to explore options for living comfortably, enjoyably and sustainably. There are many of us for whom, life happened along the way and the ability to save that nest egg for retirement just never happened. My name is Francis Loughheed, founder of Retired Without a Pension.  For the last 30+ years I have been self-employed as a consultant, freelancer and independent.  Make no mistake, I have enjoyed doing really interesting projects and have been financially self sufficient. But, a divorce, kids through college, a financial crash all contributed to needing resources and depleting savings at inopportune times.  The result is that, now in my early mid-60's I am looking to retire without the large savings that the fina